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Media Temple began operations in 1998 with a simple mission—help web developers and digital entrepreneurs bring ideas to life on the web. Being committed to its mission, the web host has come a long way to become a leader in the industry. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, Media Temple, under the leadership of Russ Reeder, provides hosting and cloud services to more than 125,000 customers, powering 1.5 million websites in 100 countries. On choosing Media Temple, customers are assured of responsive service, high-quality technology infrastructure, and value for money.

If you’re looking for a web hosting provider, you may choose plans from Web Hosting, WordPress hosting VPS Hosting, and Managed Hosting. Web Hosting is offered on the Grid, one of the web’s first public cloud hosting platforms, for $20 per month. Features available on the Grid include 100 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 100 unique domains, 100 databases, 2000 GPUs, 1000 e-mail addresses, and a custom control panel. Designing a website is easy on the Grid with pre-installed software including PHP, Python, Perl, Apache, MySQL, Git, and SVN.

If you need professional-grade hosting for business or e-commerce, VPS Hosting plans start at $50 per month, depending on your RAM, storage, and bandwidth needs. You may choose from simple controls and command-line VPS Hosting. For non-developers, it’s easy to launch and manage websites with simple controls, with Parallels Plesk and desktop control panel, and more than 200 one-click app installers. Web developers may choose command-line VPS Hosting for designing websites for specific needs. Users may choose their Linux OS in command-line VPS Hosting, and enjoy SSH and root access.

Completely outsource your hosting needs under Managed Hosting, with plans starting from $349 per month. If you need more RAM, storage, or bandwidth, scale up to the appropriate service level for $399 per month or $449 per month. Manage Hosting enjoys 24/7 premium CloudTech support.


Across plans, customising the setup is easy with the control panel. Depending on your website’s needs, you can easily add services such as domains and SSL certificates to the plan. CloudTech specialists are available for consultation, for no extra charge, on business-related needs such as marketing campaigns and database optimisation in addition to setting up and optimising hundreds of popular web apps and plug-ins. Websites are guaranteed 99.999% uptime. If you like to manage things on your own, innovative features including System Status and KnowledgeBase can simplify your tasks. It’s no surprise why some of the leading brands such as Adobe and Samsung, and famous artists, designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs trust their sites on Media Temple.

Media Temple Control Panel

Manage websites effectively, even if you’re a novice user, with Media Temple’s user-friendly control panel integrated with a host of services. Log in to the Account Centre with your primary domain name, e-mail address, and password. On the welcome screen, you’ll find a snapshot of your subscription information and available services. In the screenshot, you can see the domain name, hosting service, and renewal date. By switching on the Smart Grouping feature, you can manage related websites easily.
Click on the Admin button next to the domain-related information to access the Control Panel, which has the tools to manage your website. With services grouped into easy-to-use categories, you can perform website management activities at your convenience.

Media Temple control panel

For managing your website effectively, a variety of monitoring tools are available. Bandwidth Usage Report, for example, shows your website’s monthly usage and allowances. Disk Usage Report shows disk usage by directory and disk usage on the mail server. GPU Usage Reports show grid performance for the grid service. From the projected overage and actual overage, you can keep an eye on GPUs used over the term of the billing cycle.

Server Guide provides useful information about the grid service, with details including domains, user names, and path names for your server. Using the Server Administrator, control all your domains including setting up additional users for your domains. You may also enable SSH access.

Use the Email Users feature to add new users, and delete or edit existing users. Access you e-mail on a desktop, handheld device, or on the web. You may also create an e-mail alias, which is a forwarding e-mail address. Use the feature to create generic e-mail addresses, in addition to sending an automated response to incoming e-mail. By setting the MailProtect Anti-Junk Email settings, keep spam effectively out of your inbox.

Use the File Manager feature to upload, download, and manage properties of files or folders on your grid service, without having to use an FTP program. Password Protect Folders is a tool you may use to protect folders that are viewed on your website. You may also group users and grant them access to folders.

Enable Report Settings and Logs feature for generating statistics and troubleshooting possible errors. You may view your server’s error log, which could be used for troubleshooting problematic server-side scripts, for example.

Choose the PHP version, which is PHP Stable (5.3.27) by default, for each domain. It’s also easy to use pre-installed SSL certificates, generate, or install certificates for your domains depending on your activities.

Use the Manage Databases feature to manage databases effectively. You may also purchase grid containers such as MySQL for your website-related activities.

Create a backup plan for your website at a frequency appropriate for your website-related activities. In the case of an emergency, CouldTech can restore your website data from the disaster restoration system and move it back on your server.

Click on Cron Jobs to schedule services for the operating system. You may schedule activities for website performance-related activities. Remember, there’s a limit of five simultaneous cron jobs.

By simply entering URLs into the redirect fields, you may redirect domains to your primary website.

Click on 1-Click Applications to add popular applications to your website. With the one-click-installer, you may install third-party applications on your domains. If you’re building community websites, you may install the Drupal content management platform that can support websites ranging from personal logs to large community-driven websites. If you’re building an online store, you may install ZenCart, which is a user-friendly, open source shopping cart system.

For your growing needs, it’s easy to add a variety of services such as adding domains or domain privacy.

Media Temple Add new services

Use the Billing tab to keep an eye on balances and statements, manage payment related information, or make a payment.

Media Temple Billing Panel

Using the Support tab, you may open a support request or seek premium support. You may also troubleshoot problems on your own using the KnowledgeBase system. Service History and Service Diagnostics features allow you to keep an eye on the resolution of your problems.

Media Temple support panel

CouldTech Premium Support is a useful feature, where engineers are available 24/7/365 to help you with any website-related issues ranging from setting up your website to optimizing its performance over the cloud.

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