Start an Online Business

Start an Online Business

Before you start your online business
Want to start an online business? Your instincts may be right—in the last two decades the internet has seen more entrepreneurs than any other business activity. The good news is savvy businessmen often strike gold—there is little doubt that you can also make money online.

The internet provides an endless source of ideas and opportunities. With the flexibility to work from home, work whenever it suits you, part-time if you wish, or simply earn additional income for your lifestyle needs. However, before you dive into online entrepreneurship, learn as much as you can and gather the tools to avoid the pitfalls of doing business online. Continue reading

Why unlimited web hosting is not exactly unlimited?

Unlimited Web Hosting

Many of hosting providers offer 100% unlimited tariff plans of hosting. Unlimited disc space, unlimited mail, unlimited number of sites, unlimited traffic and so on – the range of unlimited services may be endless.
All of it sounds tempting, and many users are attracted by it. But in this article we would like to shed some light on the issue and point out some pitfalls and hidden restrictions such tariffs usually have. Continue reading

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server

It’s a type of web hosting when all the resources of an entire computer (server) are given to one client.

Dedicated hosting differs advantageously from shared hosting and VPS by not limiting the resources of a physical server allocated to one user. It also doesn’t limit access to the server which allows a user to install any software they wish and even operational systems.

Despite the high quality hosting dedicated servers provide, they are usually less popular than shared web hosting because they are more expensive and more difficult to administer. However, dedicated servers are widely used in a corporate environment. Continue reading

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

What is VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation for ‘Virtual Private Server’ which literally means ‘virtual private (dedicated) server’. Most readers are probably acquainted with the notion of a physical server. But those who hear it for the first time should focus their attention on their CPU (if , of course, it’s not a laptop or a table that you use) because this is the physical server itself. The difference is that the majority of people use it only for games, music and movies. But if you install necessary server programs, you will be able to proudly call you CPU a Physical Server. Continue reading