Why unlimited web hosting is not exactly unlimited?

Unlimited Web Hosting

Many of hosting providers offer 100% unlimited tariff plans of hosting. Unlimited disc space, unlimited mail, unlimited number of sites, unlimited traffic and so on – the range of unlimited services may be endless.
All of it sounds tempting, and many users are attracted by it. But in this article we would like to shed some light on the issue and point out some pitfalls and hidden restrictions such tariffs usually have.

The first thing you should be aware of is that in the whole world there are no unlimited information carriers, or operative memory, or internet channels, nothing of the kind. Therefore unlimited tariff plans don’t exist either. Such plans are no more than a company’s marketing strategy. If to conduct simple analysis, the logic of marketologists becomes quite clear. It’s actually quite clear even without the analysis. More than 95% of clients’ websites simply don’t need huge memory volume, they don’t usually use immense traffic flow and, as a rule, they don’t overload the server. The rest of the clients who fall out of the category mentioned above may be transferred to the server or just kicked out.

Let us now consider unlimited services and restrictions in more detail:

Unlimited disc space

All web hosting providers with no exceptions have certain restrictions on the number files stored on the server. As a rule, this number should not exceed 200,000; on rare occasions the limit can be higher but anyway you will hardly find the one which is more than 500,000. This limit on the number of files is usually hidden, and you can find it out either after a very close examination of hosting rules or by asking a direct question. Thus, if you think you can create a file-sharing website for just 5 bucks a month, you are badly mistaken.

Unlimited number of websites on one tariff plan.

This indeed can be true to life, and most probably there won’t be any limits. But you should understand that each website creates a certain strain on the server (if these sites are working). Therefore you won’t manage to put 1000 websites there. What is more: don’t forget about the limit on the number of files.

Unlimited traffic.

It’s worth mentioning that ALL hosting providers pay for their traffic. They have limits which, when exceeded, result in either additional pay or narrowing down the channel bandwidth. In reality there is no such thing as unlimited traffic, never have been, never will be. The main reason why all web hosts don’t restrict hosting traffic is limits on the load of the server that will prevent you from using up the flow of traffic noticeable for the host. If you somehow exceed the server load you will be at a minimum asked to transfer to VPS or a special server where the traffic is strictly limited.

Unlimited number of e-mail boxes

Everywhere there are limits on the number of outgoing and ingoing e-mail letters. Normally it should not be more than 10,000 letters per day; most often the limit is 1000-2000 letters. If you continually exceed this limit they will just switch off your mail. Thus, even having created a huge number of e-mail boxes you will not enjoy using them to the fullest.

As a matter of fact, these are the main “unlimited services” which companies use as a bait to attract clients. On the one hand, such tariffs seem quite comfortable – at least you don’t have to monitor the disc space you use. On the other hand, however, they are usually more expensive – it means you overpay for the unlimitedness you don’t actually need.

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