Which OS is best for your project—CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian?

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian

Do you want to build a server, which could provide a lot more flexibility for much less?

For newcomers, consumer-grade Linux distributions include Fedora, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Ubuntu, and Debian, but since the software versions keep changing on a regular basis, they may not be the ideal choice for a production server. Enterprise Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu LTS, and CentOS maintain software versions over an extended period. Continue reading

Start an Online Business

Start an Online Business

Before you start your online business
Want to start an online business? Your instincts may be right—in the last two decades the internet has seen more entrepreneurs than any other business activity. The good news is savvy businessmen often strike gold—there is little doubt that you can also make money online.

The internet provides an endless source of ideas and opportunities. With the flexibility to work from home, work whenever it suits you, part-time if you wish, or simply earn additional income for your lifestyle needs. However, before you dive into online entrepreneurship, learn as much as you can and gather the tools to avoid the pitfalls of doing business online. Continue reading

WebHostingBuzz Review

WebHostingBuzz Review

WebHostingBuzz began operations in 2002, when web hosting was still in its infancy, with the goal of providing customers with high-quality infrastructure and responsive customer service at affordable prices. Under the leadership of Matt Russell, a web technology expert, the company has grown into a global service provider with more than 250,000 websites powered by its servers. Continue reading

Media Temple Review

Media Temple Review

Media Temple began operations in 1998 with a simple mission—help web developers and digital entrepreneurs bring ideas to life on the web. Being committed to its mission, the web host has come a long way to become a leader in the industry. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America, Media Temple, under the leadership of Russ Reeder, provides hosting and cloud services to more than 125,000 customers, powering 1.5 million websites in 100 countries. On choosing Media Temple, customers are assured of responsive service, high-quality technology infrastructure, and value for money. Continue reading

iPage Review

iPage Web Hosting

In a fiercely competitive web hosting world, iPage distinguishes itself from the competition by focusing on three things customers care about—website design and management, e-mail communication, and online security. iPage, with two data centers in Boston, has emerged as a web hosting leader, having served over a million customers in more than a decade of service. Continue reading

A Small Orange Review

A Small Orange

Led by Douglas Hanna, A Small Orange, the Durham-based web hosting provider, since its founding in 2003, has become synonymous with Homegrown Hosting—small, nimble, and fun—providing sophisticated technology and empathetic customer service.

At the heart of its business strategy is a simple philosophy: to provide the most advanced technology and be responsive to customer needs for a low price. By maintaining a focus on the community of customers and employees, A Small Orange nurtures the organic feel. In less than two decades of service, the company has built a portfolio of tens of thousands of customers all over the world. Continue reading

Secure Sockets Layer

Secure Sockets Layer

Hosting and SSL: What to Begin With

A web server may use SSL in order to attain cryptographic protection of information which might be useful when working with confidential personal data of visitors on a website (e.g. credit card numbers, personal passport information etc.). Firstly, a visitor must be sure that the data he or she sends will not be intercepted. Secondly, the SSL certificate confirms that the user sends their data to the server indicated in the browser address bar. SSL settings and possibilities to use it are directly connected with the functionality of the website’s hosting. Continue reading

What is DNS?

Domain Name System - DNS

Modern internet users got used to symbolic site addresses, e.g. test.com. Indeed such addresses are easier to type and to remember. Symbolic addresses actually function thanks to DNS or Domain Name System which operates in such close companionship with the Internet that the absolute majority of users don’t even give a thought about its existence. And a certain number of “experienced” users think of DNS only when there arise problems with it. Continue reading

Why unlimited web hosting is not exactly unlimited?

Unlimited Web Hosting

Many of hosting providers offer 100% unlimited tariff plans of hosting. Unlimited disc space, unlimited mail, unlimited number of sites, unlimited traffic and so on – the range of unlimited services may be endless.
All of it sounds tempting, and many users are attracted by it. But in this article we would like to shed some light on the issue and point out some pitfalls and hidden restrictions such tariffs usually have. Continue reading